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There’s plenty to be excited about.

Save Big!

Users of the ductless system have been overjoyed to see their monthly utility bills plummet by up to 60%.  If you’re heating your home with baseboard heat (like cadet wall heater) or have an old furnace or heat pump the ductless heat pump is perfect for you. Read More

Save Big Money With A Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump

Rebates and Incentives

In addition to the huge cost savings of a ductless heat pump, You could qualify for a rebate of $1500 plus other incentives. You may also qualify for a host of rebates and incentives that are being offered by state and local agencies, the Energy Trust of Oregon and your contractor may have special offer for you.   Read More

Heats AND Cools

Get 2-in-1 functionality with a ductless heat pump because it provides year-round comfort. It heats your home in the winter and provides air conditioning in the summer. The ductless heat pump is a workhorse that delivers comfort no matter what the season.  Many units are ENERGY STAR® rated which means you’ll get the most energy efficient heating and cooling system available. Read More

Summer Cooling Cycle - Ductless Heat Pump
Winter Heating Cycle - Ductless Heat Pump

Room to Room Comfort

Zone Heating – Zone Cooling

Because of the ductless systems multi-head system and lack of a linked duct system, you are able to program different temperatures for any area of the house. Each head has its own control system allowing you to be comfy cozy in the family room while you can cool it down for unused spaces or recreation rooms or kitchens where higher heat is not required. You control it all. Read More

Breathe Easy

Traditional ductwork is loaded with dust and grime. Over the years it builds up and when you switch on the heat you blow mold, pollen, and dust into the air. This can lead to allergies, illness, and respiratory problems. Infants, the elderly and people with weak immune systems are especially vulnerable to the pollutants.

A ductless system is just what it says – no ducts. There will never be a build up. You can breathe easy knowing that your family is safe.  Read More


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