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An informed consumer makes better choices.  When it comes to ductless heat pumps, there are many options for you to consider, from the brand to purchase, to the size of the equipment, to the contractor to hire.  The ductless directory wants to make sure you have the best ductless resources available so you can make the best decision for your home.

The First Step Is Hiring The Right Contractor – Some homeowners start their process by researching the brands, however, it has been determined that the hiring the right ductless contractor is the most important part of the process. A trained contractor will make sure to properly evaluate your home and properly recommend the right product for you. Hire the right ductless contractor

Understanding Efficiencies – Ductless heat pumps offer some of the highest efficiencies in the heating and cooling industry.  Many units are ENERGY STAR® rated which may qualify for rebates and incentives. Understanding ductless efficiencies

Learn The Lingo – Every industry has their own terminology, jargon and acronyms.  Understanding the language will help you get on the same page as your contractor.  Learn the lingo of ductless heat pumps

Your ductless contractor can provide a greater understanding of their credentials, how to understand efficiencies and how to properly size the perfect match for you.  Find a ductless contractor now