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Ductless Heating and Ductless Air Conditioning offers an exciting alternative to traditional HVAC systems. A ductless heating and cooling system is more energy-efficient and easier to install. It’s a true game changer.


Don’t worry – it’s also tried and true. Ductless systems have been around for decades – it’s the standard mode of heating and cooling in Europe, Asia and across the globe. It’s the fastest growing product of the American air conditioning and heating market and it has the highest level of consumer satisfaction.

Gone are the days of having to purchase 2 units to heat and cool your home. Many homeowners purchase a furnace to heat their home in winter and then an air conditioner to cool their home in the summer. This way of thinking about your home heating and cooling is more expensive than purchasing one ductless unit. With a ductless system, it’s one and done.


A ductless heat pump boasts some of the highest efficiencies in the heating and cooling industry. If your furnace or AC is 10 years old, upgrading to a ductless system is a no brainer. Why?

  1. Higher efficiency = lower bills.
  2. Zonal heating and cooling. The ductless system can have more than one indoor unit, so you can heat and cool only the rooms you need, providing much more comfort than a traditional system.
  3. Maintenance is minimal! If you compare it to the cost of maintenance and repair on two units: a furnace and an air conditioner, you can easily see why a ductless heat pump makes DOLLARS AND SENSE.
  4. Easy Peasy – A ductless heat pump is easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to save money.
  5. The best warranties – a ductless heat pump offers some of the best warranties in the heating industry. Not only do they offer super high efficiencies, they are super reliable and dependable.


The ductless system solves common home comfort problems. Do you have hot and cold rooms?
Are you building a new home? Are you planning a home remodeling project? Or converting an existing room like attic or garage into living space? Does your home have limited space for ductwork? Would you like to have room to room comfort? Ductless to the rescue!

Have a furnace but want to add air conditioning? GO DUCTLESS!
It can heat your home (your existing furnace can be a backup system) and you’ll reap the benefits of using a highly efficient source of CLEANER AIR that MAY qualify for CASH rebates.

Have Cadet wall heaters? GO DUCTLESS!
You’ll cut your utility bills by 50% or more AND get Air Conditioning in the summer. Keep the wall heaters as a backup heat source.

Remodeling or adding on to your home and don’t want to run ductwork? GO DUCTLESS !
You’ll erase the need for costly ductwork and love the efficiency of a ductless system – plus it’s super easy to install.

Building a new home? GO DUCTLESS!
It’s the modern way to heat and cool your home. You can design your new home for zonal heating and save enjoy big savings on your utility bill.

Concerned about your IAQ? GO DUCTLESS!
Ductless improves Indoor Air Quality. Why? Because you aren’t forcing air through dirty ductwork loaded with bacteria, allergens, mold and other gunk. They are quick and easy to install and will improve your home comfort and air quality.


You may also hear ductless systems called mini-split, multi-split, or variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heat pump systems.

Whichever name you use, ENERGY STAR certified ductless heating and cooling systems are highly efficient products that deliver warm or cool air directly into different zones in your home, instead of routing it through ducts. They are an increasingly popular, cost-effective solution to inefficient baseboard electric heating and window air conditioners in older homes They are also used in new construction, home additions, multi-family (condo or apartment) housing. Ductless is for everyone!

The Top 5 reasons ENERGY STAR® certified ductless heating and cooling systems are awesome:

  1. You’ll save money. The average homeowner shells out $875 a year on heating and cooling – nearly half your total energy bill. Going ductless with an ENERGY STAR® certified model could SLASH your cost by 50%
  2. You’re the boss. In traditional heating and cooling systems, you have one thermostat that controls the whole house. When you go ductless, you’re the boss! You control the temperature of each zone and save big.
  3. Goodbye, nasty ducts! Ductless components (pictured above) are wall mounted. With traditional forced-air heating and cooling systems, ducts distribute conditioned air throughout the house, losing about 25% to leaks, holes, and poor connections. When you GO DUCTLESS, those losses are eliminated, maximizing comfort AND saving you money.
  4. One and done! Ductless heating and cooling systems offer one SINGLE low maintenance solution. It just makes dollars and sense.
  5. Modern technology with a stellar track record. Ductless systems have been around for over 30 years and have the highest level of customer satisfaction. No wonder people love going ductless. It’s easy being popular when you’re this awesome!

Going Ductless is a no-brainer! Find Out More About Ductless Heating And Cooling Today.

Ductless Heating and Cooling

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