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You’re Kidding, Right?

You’re about to start a home remodeling project and you’re not considering a Ductless Heat Pump?

Adding a Ductless Heat Pump is one of the smartest home improvement choices you can make! Chances are you’re going to tear down a few walls and possibly tear your own hair out in the process. Home remodeling projects are inherently stressful so why not take the easy road? Think about how cost-effective and easy it would be to add a modern convenience like a Ductless Mini Split System. It’s probably time to update your heating and cooling system anyway.

Many people choose to go ductless when they remodel and then convert their whole house. It’s that good! Dust Can Be Dangerous. Remodeling is stressful AND dusty. With traditional heating and cooling systems, you’ll likely send those dust particles (possible lead in an older home) into your ducts, where it will continue circulating throughout your home for years. What you can’t see hidden in your ductwork can literally hurt you. The dirty half dozen – dust, pollen, mold, allergens, pet dander, viruses, and bacteria – can literally make you sick. Not to mention the lead dust you may accidentally be uncovering when you knock out those old walls.

GO DUCTLESS and Breathe Easy – Why? With a ductless heat pump, you’re not forcing air through dirty ductwork. The air is delivered directly to you. Smell that, ductless owners? Clean air delivered to you and your family safely, and worry-free. People with sensitivities, asthma, or allergies often feel SO MUCH BETTER after they upgrade to a ductless system. Plus, a ductless heat pump may qualify for rebates and incentives!

Today is the perfect time to see why people are downright giddy when they decide to GO DUCTLESS ! Want to learn more? Find a reputable local ductless contractor today.

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