Replacing Wall Heaters

Replace Baseboard Heater – Replace Cadet Heater

Yes, Definitely GO DUCTLESS! When you replace costly baseboard heat with an energy-efficient ductless heat pump there is NO downside. The upside? Lower bills, higher comfort, and most likely rebates and incentive galore! Did You Know? Heating your home with wall heaters means paying the highest heating costs in the industry? Cadet Wall Heater are notoriously expensive to operate. Plus That Noise! Are you tired of hearing the heating kick on and off? They aren’t just costly – they’re annoyingly uncomfortable. Did I Mention Uneven Heat? Cadet wall heaters create hot and cold spots in your home. It’s virtually impossible to evenly heat your home, so you’re constantly wasting energy and comfort. When you GO DUCTLESS, you’ll avoid warm shoulders and cold feet. Get Your Freedom Back. With a cadet wall heater or baseboard heaters, you lose your feng shui. Want the couch over here? Too bad, since you can’t block the heat source you’re stuck placing your furniture where it has to be instead of where you want it to be. With a ductless heat pump, you can move that furniture where ever you want and live more comfortable. It’s A Fire Hazard – Cadet Wall Heaters and baseboard heat can pose a fire hazard if dust and particulates build up in the unit. Safety First – Cadet Wall Heaters and baseboard heaters are mounted lower on your wall and circulate air from that point. As a general rule, they are considered safe for adults; however, they are not the safest for small children or pets. Even with heat covers, young children can suffer from severe burns. The unit is always warm to the touch, covered or not. No Air Conditioning – Another downside of heating your home with Cadet Wall Heater or baseboard heat is that they do nothing to provide you comfort in the summer. You can’t add AC to keep you cool during the hottest seasons.


GO DUCTLESS! You’ll solve these issues quickly and easily with UNMATCHED SAVINGS. Some homeowners cut their heating bill by 60% when they install a ductless heat pump. Switching is a no-brainer! A ductless heat pump solves all of these issues quickly and easily. Wait. What Noise? A ductless system is so quiet it been coined ‘Whisper Quiet!’ Goodbye, hot and cold spots! A ductless unit has intelligence built in, so it can be programmed to recognize and FIX hot and cold spots. Move That Furniture Wherever You Want. When you go ductless, it won’t interfere with furniture placement. You’ll save money and live more comfortably, all from the comfort of your couch. Farewell Box Fans! A ductless heat pump also provides air conditioning, so you’ll have 24/7/365 comfort AND huge savings! Ready To Say Goodbye To Your Surging Energy Bills? Highly efficient and effective, a ductless system is the smartest heating and cooling solution on the market. No wonder it continues to gain popularity throughout Oregon and Washington. GOING DUCTLESS replaces electric baseboards, wall heaters (Cadet Heaters) and electric furnaces with ease. You’ll enjoy peace of mind, quiet, increased comfort, and huge savings. Easy To Install. Easy To Maintain – Going ductless is easy. A certified ductless contractor can be in and out in less than a day. Maintaining your ductless system is super simple and less costly than maintenance on an air conditioner. There Is A Better Way! Ductless heat pump owners have the highest level of satisfaction of any product in the heating and cooling industry. See why people are downright giddy with their ductless heat pump unit. Plus, a ductless heat pump may qualify for rebates and incentives! Today is the perfect time to see why people are downright giddy when they decide to GO DUCTLESS ! Want to learn more? Consider replacing your Cadet Wall Heaters or Baseboard Heaters asap.