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Choose Hassle Free Heating and Cooling

Any home additions, room additions or room conversion remodeling projects are a cry for a ductless heat pump. Adding heating and cooling is like hitting the “easy button.” Why Pair The Old With The New? If you’re adding on to your home or converting a garage or attic into a mother-in-law or workspace, you’ll need to find a way to heat and cool these areas. The old way of doing this is by extending your ductwork to cover these new living areas. An easier way it to choose a ductless heat pump to get the job done. Is the sun blazing in on you? Or do you not get any sun? This can also be a common occurrence with over the garage and attic conversions. As a matter of fact, most homeowners report uncomfortable rooms in their home. When you add or convert your living space, the question is… how will you heat and cool this newly created space? Extending the ductwork is expensive and it can take days and is not efficient. Ductless To The Rescue! Ductless mini split systems offer a reliable and cost-friendly heating and cooling options for rooms that are insufficiently serviced by traditional air-to-air systems. Rather than use a space heater or window AC unit, ductless mini split systems provide a relatively versatile and unobtrusive way to heat or cool a room that has insufficient airflow. This is the perfect scenario for a ductless heat pump. As a matter of fact, many homeowners first choose ductless for a room addition and then convert their whole house. It’s that good! No More Dirty Ductwork – Ductless mini split systems are not susceptible to energy loss through dirty, leaky, or inefficient ductwork – a problem often associated with older homes. You can change your indoor comfort from unpredictable to consistently comfortable without expensive renovations or compromising the structure’s integrity. Mini split systems are ductless, meaning they do not have to be retrofitted to fit the current ductwork. A ductless system would prevent the energy losses associated with older homes without sacrificing efficiency. Ready to join the other happy owners and GO DUCTLESS? Find A Ductless Contractor Today!