Ductless Rebates – Ductless Incentives

Did you say ductless rebates and cash incentives, on top of the already awesome savings? Yes! But, wait. Why would utility companies offer REBATES on these ridiculously EFFICIENT UNITS? Wouldn’t they want our energy consumption to go up and up? No, actually. Because of our reliance on technology, utility companies can’t keep up with the ever-rising energy demand, and they are faced with two choices: 1. Build more super expensive energy plants OR 2. Offer people sweet cash, incentives to reduce energy consumption. Oregon residential energy tax credit An Oregon tax credit may be available. Tax credits are based on BTU savings and range from $350 up to $1500 for a ductless heat pump installation. Your certified ductless contractor is more than willing to help you determine what credits you may qualify for. Oregon Cash Incentives also includes $800 from the Energy Trust of Oregon for homes replacing electric resistance heat, HSPF 9.0 or greater. Going ductless makes it easy to SAVE GREEN and BE GREEN! Awesome, right? Do yourself AND the environment a favor and find out more about ductless rebates and ductless incentives today.