You depend on your air conditioner to keep your comfortable, especially in the middle of July when it’s hot and sticky.  If you don’t take care of your AC it won’t be able to take care of you.  You may just find yourself waiting in a long line with everyone else who forgot their Central Air Conditioner.

Many people don’t realize they have a problem until they fire up their Air Conditioner.

You know you have an AC problem IF: You may smell odors emanating from the registers. You could hear bumping and banging noises when the system starts up or squeaking and or squealing sounds coming from the system while it’s running. You could see dirt or grime accumulating on the registers. You could even experience nothing at all….silence.

What could possibly go wrong? Your air conditioner has been hibernating all winter long. You could experience an age related break down or you could have an issue due to negligence or not keeping on top of regular scheduled maintenance. Additionally there could be issues like a thermostat malfunction, clogged air filters, compressor issues, leaky ducts, coolant leaks, clogged drain line, dirty condenser coils, problems with capacitors, malfunctioning blower motor, or a broken blower fan belt to name a few.

If your energy bills are bigger than they should be and the performance of your air conditioning unit is not what you’ve come to expect, it’s a sure sign it is time for a service call.

Spring cleaning is a satisfying ritual that breathes life into our home after the stuffiness that builds up during the long shuttered winter.  We clean our home from top to bottom, remove the storm windows, clean carpets, clean out our closets and get ready to enjoy summer.  We clean every nook and cranny of our homes and often forget about the home cooling equipment.

Stay a step ahead of the season by scheduling a maintenance check of your air conditioning system before the summer cooling season begins.  You’ll save yourself a ton of headaches and expenses. Regularly scheduled maintenance helps your Air Conditioner operate at peak potential and will extend the life of your equipment.

“If you were taking a road trip, you would make sure to change the oil on your car, fill it up with gas and make sure it had a tune-up.  Your Air Conditioner is just like this. You need to prepare it for the trip through summer.  All of our technicians are NATE certified, which means we have the highest level of training available.”
~Ben Melvin, Operation Manager
Bone Dry Heating & Cooling

PRO TIP: Get an AC Tune Up as early as you can in the season.   If you run your AC half the season with an issue, you could end up with a bigger problem or costly repair. Be pro-active about getting on a schedule and make sure to change your air filter regularly.

Add Ductless Air Conditioning. Your qualified contractor will not only give you peace of mind with regularly scheduled maintenance, they can also advise you on how to add comfort to any area of your home and help solve hot spots that you may have in your home.

A Ductless Mini Split is easy to add to any home because it does not require duct work. The system is incredibly scalable and flexible so you can choose to add AC to one room or to the whole house.

Ductless AC is a great addition to any home and increases home comfort because it is exceptionally quiet making it perfect for sleeping areas like the master bedroom. Home owners are discovering Ductless HVAC as an easy way to add comfort while they convert attics, basements, or garages into comfortable living space.

Going Ductless is a popular choice and a great way to compliment your current Central Air Conditioner. Ductless systems are equipped with modern features like an intelligent eye that sweeps the room, remote control and offer some of the highest efficiencies available.

Find your qualified Ductless HVAC contractor here on the directory. Their expertise and knowledge will help you keep a step ahead of the season and prepare you for a safe and comfortable summer.


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