Meet The Ductless All-Stars:
The Best of the Best in Heating and Cooling

The Ductless Heat Pump (aka Ductless Mini Split) is transforming the way people heat and cool their home. Ductless Systems deliver on every front, from some of the highest energy efficiencies, to the quiet operation, to the flexible and scalable design, just about every home can benefit from updating their heating and cooling system.

You could say that Ductless is the hottest (and coolest) game in heating and cooling comfort today, and the benefits of ductless options are being realized by more homes and businesses every day. What makes the ductless game so great?  It’s the Ductless All-Stars, the tried and true – tested and approved Ductless HVAC contractors.

While many home owners wonder which brand they should choose, the real question to ask is which contractor should I choose?  Choosing the right contractor makes all of the difference in the world. If you want things done right the first time, then take the time to hire the right HVAC company.

In fact, when the game is on the line, pretenders will be revealed, and all-stars will shine. In the game of heating and cooling, with its growing popularity, those pretenders and all-stars will make all the difference in the heating and cooling comfort of your home, business, or office. Simply put, it is a win-or-lose scenario. Why? Because a lot can go wrong in the hands of an in-experienced contractor.

That is also why only the best of the best will do when it comes to installing, repairing, updating, or servicing your ductless heating and cooling system. Don’t worry, it isn’t too difficult to spot the differences because there are more than a few things that separate the ‘ductless wannabes’ from the Ductless All-Stars.

Not All HVAC Contractors are All-Stars

It is important to hire top-quality contractors, and that happens by vetting the candidates and separating the All-Stars from the pretenders. When it comes to all-stars in any game, they all tend to have common traits like strong work ethic or natural abilities, the Ductless All-Stars are no different.

Remember though, not every contractor makes the cut. Here are a few common traits to look for and how to spot a Ductless All-Star for your next heating and cooling project.

Hire A Ductless All-Star Heat Pump Contractor


The All-Star Title is Earned not Given

Regardless of the game, the all-star title must be earned. It doesn’t matter how much hype surrounds that new recruit or how much fanfare is attached to that first-round draft pick, until the rubber meets the road it’s all just noise.

Ductless All-Stars have been in the game and performing at the highest level for a long time, and experience can’t be replaced on the playing field. That means that Ductless All-Stars aren’t unproven rookies, but professionals who have earned the right to be called All-Stars. They come with knowledge and experience to make sure you get all the benefits that a ductless system offers.

All-Star Credentials

Another thing all all-stars have in common is that they are all credentialed. In one game it is statistics and percentages, in the Ductless game, it is about authorization and training. Looking for a Ductless All-Star means finding HVAC contractors that are not only trained but who have received factory authorized training.

Factory authorized training is essential because it demonstrates a contractor’s commitment to a professional installation. Training ensures that the contractor will properly evaluate your home, it means they’ll identify proper product placement and also ensure a professional installation.

That means knowing the job will get done right, and right the first time. It means that home and business owners won’t have to have another contractor come into the game after already trailing by ten. Hiring an All-Star HVAC contractor means leading game, from wire to wire. These aren’t the only reasons to hire only top-quality heating and cooling contractors though, because All-Stars bring a lot to the table and who else would you want with the ball in their hands at crunch-time?

The All-Star Intangibles

Not all contractors are created equal. Contractors vary in skill level, experience level, training level and integrity level. Just because they have a listing, online ad, or digital sales banner waving somewhere doesn’t mean that they’re the best candidate for the job. Remember that your comfort, safety and peace of mind is on the online, so its important to choose wisely.

The worst of the worst, for example, are out for a quick sale, a fast buck, and the next invoice. These types of “contractors” are more likely to grab the most convenient (and cheapest) system they have in stock and are less likely to assure it is the right ductless system for the customer. They miss the mark by not matching the right equipment to your home.

Ductless All-Stars seem to always make the big play, the timely shot, and find a way. Those who work with Ductless All-Stars will get the right heating and cooling system, including the right size and location of the ductless system, and a winning installation.

Over-sizing and under-sizing are big problems to be avoided. A heating and cooling system too small will fail to do the job and cost more than necessary to operate. A system that is too large will be a waste of space, energy, and can also result in higher costs to run. And if your office or home doesn’t follow traditional layouts our designs, where the ductless heat pump is located can become another issue.

When It Matters Most!

Ductless All-Stars will make sure that every business, office, and home has the right ductless system to provide optimum comfort at maximum efficiency. Studies like this one, which showed “median energy savings of 33% (6.7 kWh/day) for space cooling and 59% (6.5 kWh/day) for heating” have long-proven the benefits of ductless mini-splits.

A winning system with winning contractors equals winning results. Those are the intangibles the all-stars deliver, so when it matters most (like for your home or business), hire an all-star.

Where will you find your Ductless All-Star? The Ductless Directory only accepts HVAC contractors who can prove their credentials. They must be affiliated with a major manufacture and have ductless certification and training with that brand.

Meet The Ductless All-Stars

Another 5 Star Review for a Ductless Directory Contractor

Green energy just replaced our 18-year old air conditioning system for our second floor with a split AC/heater system. We had difficulty heating our second floor with our existing forced hot water system. The installation crew, led by Bryan and the field supervisor, Joshua, were very polite and helpful. So was the installation coordinator I dealt with on the phone, Kay. I am highly pleased by their responsiveness and helpfulness.”
~D. Sherman

Another 5 Star Review for a Ductless Directory Contractor

Professional and highly responsive crew. We bought a ductless mini split system and had it installed in our historical home. The crew approached the project with a high degree of professionalism and attention to detail. From the initial quote to complete installation was just five short days and the installation was completed one day ahead of schedule. Highly impressed with them – they will be my go to HVAC company!”
~M. Rogers, Boise Idaho

Another 5 Star Review for a Ductless Directory Contractor

We couldn’t be happier with the superior expertise and attention to detail that Mat and his team dedicated to replacing the heat pump at our Franklin Park home. Our five-ton unit has baffled countless HVAC professionals from multiple companies over four years…and cost us thousands in ineffective repairs and sky-high energy bills. In addition to installing a new unit, Mat quickly cut to the root cause of many problems over the years by rectifying a chronic leak and replacing an inadequate refrigerant line that every other technician had overlooked. We feel like a very expensive weight has been lifted from our shoulders! Mat is diligent, conscientious and couldn’t be nicer to work with.
~M.Swartz – Pittsburgh, PA

Another 5 Star Review for a Ductless Directory Contractor


Campbell Comfort Systems always does an excellent job. They communicate well, send an email with a photo of the technician so I know who to expect at my door, and constantly keep me updated on when we are due for system maintenance. Brian V. was polite, professional, and friendly. I highly recommend this company.
~P. Steller

Another 5 Star Review for a Ductless Directory Contractor

I had a ductless heating and cooling system installed. Excel made sure that I was getting a product that would work best for my home and even allowed for some last minute changes. The work was done in a very timely manner with good follow up to make sure I was happy with the product. The pricing was also much better than any other company I looked into. I would highly recommend Excel heating and cooling to any of my friends and family.

~J Lieber

Another 5 Star Review for a Ductless Directory Contractor

ARM Heating & Air Conditioning
Alan did a large home-electrification project for us, including: replacement of our old gas furnace with an electric heat pump mini-split HVAC system; installation of a new electric heat pump water heater; and installation of an induction cooktop.  Alan is very capable, hard-working, and honest. We highly recommend him. And Lydia is delightful as well!
~ Denis Quinlan

Another 5 Star Review for a Ductless Directory Contractor

“Scott and his team are incredibly knowledgeable about HVAC systems, specifically mini splits and Mitsubishi. I spoke with 5 – 7 other HVAC companies in the area and I ultimately decided that Rycor was the best option for us. The pricing was fair and again, Scott’s knowledge and importantly his willingness to discuss the system design at length was fantastic. Carlos and his crew came and installed the system in less than a day and it was an absolute breeze. He was incredibly respectful of our house as well, always taking off his shoes each time he had to come inside. Our cat loved him too!”
~ J. Gomolinski-Ekel

Another 5 Star Review for a Ductless Directory Contractor

Seamless Experience! From beginning to Install! Joe was awesome in working with us to get the perfect system for our home! George and Wayne installed the new system and communicated with me about everything keeping me informed as to progress and by the end of the day the house was back to being cool! Highly Recommend!
~D. Miller

Another 5 Star Review for a Ductless Directory Contractor


David was fabulous! He checked out multiple HVAC systems at one location for me. David was very efficient and explained what he was doing as he went along. He was knowledgeable, efficient and exceptionally thorough. His professionalism added to a great experience all around!
~ L. Shaw

Another 5 Star Review for a Ductless Directory Contractor


I’m very happy with the quick installation of a new heat pump by Just Right, which replaced my existing furnace and air conditioner. Everybody I dealt with was professional and well trained, including the service tech, sales rep, installers, and even the phone staff. The installation work was top notch, and there were no hidden costs.
~ Mark Leone

Another 5 Star Review for a Ductless Directory Contractor


I met with eight contractors to get quotes for a mini-split ductless system. Paul from A-Guy clearly had a lot of experience in sizing and installing these systems. He came out and proposed a system that met my needs and showed me several examples of installed systems that A-guy has done. I needed a clean install given the space I had. He showed up the day he said for the install and completed the work the same day. Wonderful experience with someone that made me confident he had a lot of experience in doing this type of work. Easy to work with and a good value compared to the other contractors I spoke with. Thank you A-Guy!
~ Rick Goddard

Another 5 Star Review for a Ductless Directory Contractor


Great service for my Ductless heat pump, the tech came and fixed my heat pump and got me up and running until we install new Daikin system. Got me Big Mass Save rebate and brand new efficient Daikin mini split system. Highly recommend Cool Comfort Services.
~ Robert Maltais


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