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New York, an iconic state, is also a state leading the way in Ductless Systems. A Ductless Heat Pump (also known as a Ductless Mini Split) is transforming the way people heat and cool their home. Ductless Heating and Ductless Cooling is the modern way to heat and cool your home throughout the State of New York.

New York, home of the Big Apple New York City – “the city so nice they named it twice.” Is a state that embodies what it means to be larger than life. From the aforementioned New York City, the mecca of sound and stage, and for aspiring artiste to Upstate New York, where sights and wonders like Niagara Falls draw millions, everything about New York just seems to be larger than life.

The larger than life essences that thrives in New York can also be seen in the architecture of its cities to the scenic beauty of its natural landscapes. It’s something that can be witnessed in the people of New York, from actors and playwrights with larger-than-life dreams to organizations  like NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research & Development Authority) who have larger than life goals like energy conservation and creating a cleaner and healthier environment for all.

A New York State Of Mind

the-big-apple_ductless-directoryAs one of New York’s most famous and loved sons, Billy Joel sang, the spirt of New York is about being larger than life and being in “A New York state of mind.”  Here, people dream big and in real ways whether it’s in business and industry, stage, theatre and radio, and also in areas like energy conservation, life is all about being in a New York state of mind.

Besides the famous Big Apple, New York is home to a number of thriving, bustling cities. These include the State Capitol, Albany; the largest city, New York City; and thriving urban centers like Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse.

A State of Countless Treasures

statue-of-liberty-nyc_ductless-directoryThe Nation’s icon of liberty, freedom, and justice, the Statue Of Liberty, resides in New York. Broadway, the home of theatre and play, in in New York. Central Park, Niagara Falls, and countless other treasures all call New York home.  People who call New York home also know there are hidden treasures like the great food found in burbs, the villages and cities in New York.

In fact, many American food traditions began in New York, in places like Manhattan who lays claim to being responsible for foods like hot dogs and bagels. In those smaller towns and villages, iconic New York dishes such as fancy Lobster Newberg or bar-style buffalo wings can be enjoyed.

These are just a few of the comforts that come with being a New Yorker, and New Yorkers like their comfort!  With beautiful but chilling winters, and brilliant but sometimes scorching summers it just makes sense the New York would be a perfect place for ductless heating and ductless cooling solutions.

New York: A Larger-Than-Life Commitment To Energy Efficiency

In New York you can visit the museum of larger than life stars in Jamestown, or the larger than life wildlife at the 9,800 acres Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge near Seneca Falls. And of course, there is always Lake Placid, where the Olympics were held not once, but twice.

It is no surprise New York is so popular and also one of the big reasons why the New York state Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) works so diligently at promoting, finding and using renewable energy sources. These efforts to support energy efficiency are simply part of a larger than life plan to create a better New York.

With the initiatives the NYSERDA calls the Renewable Heat New York program, their clean heat contractors work to help people find the comfort New Yorkers want with the quality and energy efficiency they deserve. This is also another reason that Ductless Heat Pumps are great options for helping residents save money, save energy and increase their home comfort.

New York and Ductless Heat Pumps – A Winning Combination!

Just about any home in New York can benefit from a Ductless Heating and Cooling System.  In a climate that requires heating or air conditioning all year long, a Ductless Heat Pump could be your best choice. Ductless Mini Splits are known for their exceptionally high efficiencies. Many homeowners are reporting savings up to 50% on their utility bills.

New York’s extreme swings in temperatures
make effective heating and cooling essential for residents’ health and happiness. Traditionally, New Yorkers have relied on forced air systems with furnaces to warm their homes in the winter and central air conditioners to cool them in the summer. While these systems fill the basic need of comfort, they also pose certain challenges including:

  • Disruptive Ductwork: Forced air systems rely on ducts to move the air throughout your home. If those ducts aren’t in place, they have to be installed which is a highly disruptive process, especially for an older or historic home.
  • Installation Impediments: Along with disrupting old buildings, installing new ducts is also expensive and time-consuming.
  • Fall and Spring Failures: Many residents know what it’s like to need AC during the day and then heat in the evening. When you rely on separate devices for heating and cooling, forced air systems may have trouble addressing such changes.
  • Indoor Air Quality:  Those same ducts that force air through your home also get dirty over time. Inside the ducts you’ll find dust, dirt, bacteria, mold, mildew, viruses that get spread throughout your home triggering allergies and other health problems.

Four Distinct Seasons – One Incredible Solution

bear-mountain-bridge-new-york-stateA Ductless System will provide year-round comfort because it both heats and cools. One unit does it all!  And with a Ductless Mini Split you have intelligence built in so you can let the temperature do what it will outside, the Ductless System will adjust and adapt to any weather.

Zonal Heating and Zonal AC is easier with a Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump. You can choose to add ductless to one room, an area of your home or the whole house. One outdoor unit can support 1,2,3,or even 8 indoor heads. Installation is quick and easy and does not require any changes to the existing structure of the building. Best of all Ductless Systems save energy lowering your utility bills and making you eligible for energy-efficiency incentives and rebates.

Just about any home can benefit from adding a Ductless Heat Pump. Here are some qualifiers that can help you decide if it’s time to go ductless.

  1. Add Air Conditioning: Add AC to any home is easy with a Mini Split. Ductless AC does not require duct work and can help any home keep cool this summer. Ductless AC is popular for Master Bedrooms, Baby Rooms, and Living Rooms.
  2. Solving Hot or Cold Spots: Almost every home has a problem room that just gets too hot or too cold. A single zone ductless system will solve this problem.
  3. Convert Living Space: Many homeowners are converting their garage, basement, or attic into living space. Adding ductless to any of these areas is quick and easy and will allow you to heat and cool the room effectively.
  4. Home Additions: If you’re planning a home remodel or home addition consider a Ductless Heat Pump. When adding to your home you don’t want to add to the load of your furnace and air conditioner.
  5. Increase Indoor Air Quality: A Ductless Heat Pump delivers air directly to your home without forcing it through duct work that is most likely filled with debris.
  6. Upgrade Home Heating or Cooling: Is your furnace or AC over 12 years old? If so, a Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump will heat and cool your home and provides some of the highest efficiencies available today. Many homeowners report savings of up to 50%.
  7. New Construction:  If you’re planning on building a new home make sure to look at installing a Ductless Systems for your whole house heating and cooling. It’s the modern and efficient way to heat and cool your home.

Hire A Ductless Contractor With Credentials

The most important decision to make when you decide to Go Ductless is to make sure to hire a trained and certified Ductless Contractor.  Hiring a contractor with credentials is key. An experienced contractor will make sure to properly size your equipment and ensure a professional installation.

Don’t leave your New York home unprepared. With a Ductless Heat Pump, New York residents can have larger than life comfort regardless of what it’s doing outside.  To find out more, your first step it to hire a professionally trained Ductless HVAC Contractor. You may qualify for rebates and incentives and they’ll help with financing options as well.



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