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Masterful Minneapolis: Heating & Cooling In The City Of Lakes

Ductless Heat Pump Minneapolis

ductless heat pump MinneapolisMinneapolis, the larger of the Twin Cities, is an economic, cultural, and technological giant. It just makes sense that the city also boasts a modern way to heat and cool your home.  Ductless systems have grown in popularity across Minneapolis. Many homeowners are discovering ductless heating and ductless cooling to be an advanced solution to keeping energy bills lower despite the weather conditions.

The cost of heating in Minneapolis is higher than other parts of the country. Homeowners in Minneapolis may start heating as early as October and continue to heat their homes through April or May. Climate swings from summer to winter are more dramatic in Minnesota and air condition has become a must making it important to find an energy solution all year round.

Today, many manufacturers provide “extended temperature” ductless systems to accommodate the extreme temperature swings in Minnesota.   These ductless systems were created specifically for the climate in Minneapolis and throughout the state. Going Ductless in Minneapolis is easier than ever with extended temperature range products from many ductless manufacturers.  To ensure proper product selection we always recommend consulting with a qualified ductless contractor.

Taking Stock of  the Minneapolis Climate  

Minneapolis gets famously cold during the winter, with average temperatures well below freezing between November and March. Less famous, but no less significant to its residents, is how hot the city can get during the summer. The mean maximum high temperature is above 90 degrees between June and August, leaving citizens in sweltering conditions. Comfortable living is thus only possible in Minneapolis if your house has an efficient climate control system that can provide both heat in the winter and cool, consistent air in the summer.

As in any part of the country, Minneapolis residents have traditionally used forced air heating and cooling systems to condition their homes. These systems are reliant on duct work which involves forcing hot or cold air through a range of ducts that run throughout the house, delivering the air to each room from a central source. While this meets the basic needs of climate control, it creates a number of serious problems for Minneapolis residents, including:

  • Architectural Atrocities– While newer buildings are generally built with ducts, older ones don’t have them, forcing installation teams to carve them through the structure. This is no simple task, and it cause substantial disruption to the rest of the building. Given that many of Minneapolis’s older homes are historically significant, residents are loathe to disrupt them with ducts.
  • Particulate Provision– Dust, mold spores, and other particles tend to accumulate in ducts. When the air begins to flow, it spreads them around the house, undermining sanitation and triggering residents’ allergies.
  • Inherent Inefficiency– Because they deliver air throughout the house, traditional climate control systems waste energy by heating or cooling rooms you don’t use. They also have trouble switching between hot and cold air if outside conditions suddenly change.

To eliminate these problems and optimize home climate control, Minneapolis residents are turning to ductless mini split systems. These devices use a ductless heat pump to deliver hot or cold air to individual rooms, avoiding the inefficiencies of their predecessors. Because they do not rely on ducts, they spread few allergens and cause little disruption to the building, making them ideal for maximizing health and preserving historic architecture.

Ductless For Hot Water Heated Homes

Minneapolis is known for its architectural achievements and  has  some of the most innovative buildings in the US. These buildings include Christ Church Lutheran, a 1948 work in the International style that both religious and nonreligious visitors find breathtaking. The Guthrie Theater is similarly stunning, having been built in 1963 by French architect Jean Nouvel. The city also hosts several pristine parks and recreation centers, many of which were designed by famed landscape architect Horace Cleveland.

Minneapolis also has a large density of homes heated with radiators or hot water heated homes.  Boilers are a common way to heat Minneapolis home.  The issue with hot water heated homes is that this is not only an expensive mode of heating but these home lack duct work which up until now was needed to add Air Conditioning to their home.

Today a ductless system can be added to older homes and is an efficient way to add Air Conditioning without having to tear into walls and ceilings. It’s a big relief for many home owners.

Ductless Offers Dual Benefits

The Ductless Mini Split is a powerhouse when it comes to home comfort because just one unit does it all. Because it’s a heat pump it offers both heating and cooling. And because it does not require duct work, it can be installed easily and effortlessly in just about any home.

The ductless system is often used to reduce energy bills by using them in the “shoulder” seasons. As an example, many homeowners  may use the ductless system in the fall and early winter to heat their home and then “add” the boiler or furnace to heat when it gets exceptionally cold. It can reduce the workload on your existing equipment while helping to reduce those high energy bills.

Ductless Can Be Aesthetically Pleasing

Minneapolis’s artistic spirit is by no means limited to its buildings. The city has long excelled in music and theater, with top performers from around the country traveling here to show off their skills. The Minnesota Fringe Festival, the largest performance festival in the United States that isn’t juried, is held here every year.5 The city is also home to the Minnesota Orchestra, which plays both modern and classical music. Minneapolis has given rise to funk, folk, and alternative rock artists, and served as a starting point for famous musicians like Prince and Bob Dylan.

Minneapolis home owners also demand aesthetics in their home.  Almost every appliance in the house has become sexy and now the HVAC industry has something to boast about as well. Ductless is bringing sexy to your home heating and cooling.

Ductless Zonal Heating and Cooling

Zoned heating and cooling is the ultimate in home efficiency. It refers to the ability to heat and cool an area or “zone” in your home.  This makes just makes sense because typically the Bedrooms in a home only need to be comfortable at night and the great room or living areas of the house don’t need to be heated in evening.  Zoning your home is much easier with a ductless system.  You can take complete control of the temperature in every room of the house when you zone your home with a ductless heat pump.

Going Ductless Is A Grand Slam in Minneapolis!

Besides the arts, Minneapolis has a proud sports tradition. You’ll find the Minnesota Viking, the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Minnesota Lynx, and the Minnesota Twins. If you live in Minneapolis you have sporting options.

When you Go Ductless in Minneapolis you have options, too.  Ductless systems offer a broad range of product solutions, from single zone to multi zone to whole house solutions. There are also different levels of efficiencies.  Don’t’ settle for an estimate, you need a professionally trained and certified ductless contractor, they’ll make sure to properly evaluate your home and make a proper product selection.

Don’t let poor climate control ruin your chance to enjoy Minneapolis. For more information or to install a ductless mini split system, you need to find the best Ductless HVAC contractor. How will you know?  You’ll find them in the Ductless Directory, we only accept the most qualified contractors.  Check it out today, They will treat you right and make sure you get the right solution for you home.  Hire a Ductless All Star.

Hiring the Right Minneapolis Ductless HVAC Contractor Is The Most Important Step

Not all contractors are created equal.  Not all contractors have the same level of training, certification or for that matter integrity.  You want to make sure you hire the right ductless contractor. It’s the first and most important step toward increasing your home comfort.  To find out more turn to a qualified Minneapolis ductless contractor… one that is dedicated to ductless, we’ll help you with that.