Hawkeye Heaven: Enjoying Iowa In All Its Seasons

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“Is this Heaven?”
“No, this is Iowa!” This line from “Field of Dreams” perhaps best sums up all the Hawkeye State has to offer. From the rolling hills to the deep blue lakes to the grassy prairies, Iowa has an abundance of natural beauty that people travel from across the country to witness. This beauty is on display in the state’s many parks and nature preserves. Whether you’re a lifelong resident, a recent transplant, or just passing through, don’t pass up a chance to see each corner of illustrious Iowa.

Is this a Dream?  No….it’s Ductless!  Ductless Air Conditioning and Ductless Heating are becoming popular throughout Iowa. You’ll think you’re dreaming when you discover the Ductless Difference.  Increased home comfort is available for Iowa homes, farms and business with two in one functioning that both heats and cools your home. Ductless Heating and Ductless Cooling is a dream come true throughout Iowa.

Scenic Cities

Des Moine Iowa For all its natural beauty, Iowa is at least as well known as the site of some of America’s most eclectic cities. From the state capital Des Moines to the sport and art center Cedar Rapids to historic towns like Sioux City and Iowa City, the state has a variety of unique and enchanting urban areas. It’s little wonder that when 24/7 Wall Street ranked the 50 best cities in the United States, four Iowa towns made the list!

Iowa’s cities are so eclectic in large part because of the vibrant, dynamic economy that keeps them running. Iowa is one of the most diversified economies in the modern United States. While the state has always been an agricultural powerhouse, it’s also a major center of manufacturing and food processing. Its tech companies and universities have made great strides in biotechnology, while Des Moines and other urban centers have become banking and financial services hubs. Thanks to these and other booming industries, Iowa attracts workers, entrepreneurs, and professionals from all over the country and across the globe, ensuring that there’s never a shortage of interesting people or new ideas.

Besides being one of the most prosperous states, Iowa is also among the healthiest. The United Health Foundation ranked Iowa as the 15th healthiest state in the nation, emphasizing its high level of education, low rates of infant and drug-related mortality, and high level of insurance coverage. Iowa has only gotten healthier in recent years, thanks to Iowans’ decreased smoking rates, increased insurance coverage, and improved access to preventative care. 

Weathering the Whether

Flooding in Pacific Junction IowaLike most Midwestern states, Iowa is known for extremes of weather. Summers can get hot and temperatures sometimes rise above 100 degrees making air conditioning a must.  Winters can be brutal with the average low temperature well below freezing at around 5 degrees Fahrenheit.  Winter winds come at high speed and the sun is only visible an average of five hours a day, though snowfall is relatively light at roughly 30 inches over the season.

To combat these climatic extremes, Iowans have traditionally turned to forced air furnaces. These systems have generally kept Iowa homes warm in the winter, but have a number of flaws that can undermine comfort and raise costs. These include:

  • Disruptive Ductwork: Forced air systems rely on ducts to move warm and cold air throughout a building. If those ducts are not already in place, they have to be installed in a highly disruptive process. This is a serious issue for Iowa’s older and historic homes because installing ducts can ruin the look and function of old buildings.
  • Installation Impediments: Along with disrupting old buildings, installing new ducts is also expensive and time-consuming.
  • Fall & Spring Failures: Iowa’s extreme temperatures are on display in the spring and fall, when it can get as hot as the summer during the day and as cold as winter at night. Because they rely on separate devices for heating and cooling, forced air system have trouble addressing such changes in temperature.
  • Allergen Accumulation: The ducts that forced air system use can become dirty over time. When air moves through them it can spread the dirt, dust, bacteria, viruses, dust mites and other allergens throughout the home, triggering allergies and other health problems.

Ductless Heat Pumps, otherwise referred to as a Ductless Mini Split system or simply a Mini Split, allows you to avoid all of these problems. You get 2-in-1 functionality because they combine a ductless heat pump and cooling equipment into a single device. This lets them provide both heating and cooling on their own, whether for the entire house or for any individual room. Installation is quick and easy, and does not require any changes to the existing structure of the building. Best of all, Ductless Climate Systems save energy, lowering your utility bills and making you eligible for energy-efficiency incentives and rebates.

Just about any Iowa home can benefit from a Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump. Here are some qualifiers that can help you decide it it’s time for you to go ductless:

  1. Add Air Conditioning. Are you looking to add AC to your home? A ductless heat pump requires no duct work so adding AC is fast and easy.
  2. Save Money. Do you heat your home with baseboard heat, cadet wall heaters or other expensive methods? If so, a ductless heat pump will heat your home in the winter and do so efficiently. Ductless mini splits offer some of the highest efficiencies around. Many home owners experience up to 50% saving in their utility bill.
  3. Are you planning a remodel or home addition? A ductless heat pump is a great way to heating and cooling to any area of your home. There is no need to have ductwork, so you can live comfortably in any new area of your home.
  4. Are you building a home? Make sure you look at a ductless heat pump for your whole house heating and cooling. It’s the modern way to heat and cool your home.
  5. Does anyone in your family have asthma or allergies? Taking a look at your indoor air quality can be a quick way to improve your health. Since the ductless heat pump does not push air through dirty ductwork you get cleaner, fresher indoor air.

Don’t let temperatures stop you from enjoying life in Iowa!  Consider ductless for your home, your office, your cabin, or any other building, Ductless Systems provides consistent comfort all year long. For best results, schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with a Ductless Contractor who has the skills and professional training to determine what’s best for you.

To learn more about Ductless Air Conditioning and Ductless Heating schedule your consultation, contact us today.

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