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The ductless heat pump is transforming the way people heat and cool their homes…it is also transforming the HVAC industry.  Getting listed in the Ductless Directory is the first step for any contractor or any brand that wants to grow their ductless business.

The concept is simple: whoever dominates the search results will dominate leads in the territory. With the playing field getting more and more competitive, doing the same old same old with your website and SEO isn’t going to work.

The creators of the Ductless Directory have been marketing ductless for over 11 years. They understand how Google evaluates sites. Think of the Ductless Directory as a tool to be used. It can target any city, any state or any region.  It is highly reliable and cost effective.  Read Our White Paper

QUESTION: If “A picture is worth a thousand words”, what is a video worth? How about many videos?




Step 1:  Get Listed!

How big of a slice of the ductless pie do you want?
No matter what part of the country you are in, there will be other contractors who want the same piece of the pie.  How will you elevate your company? You need a differentiator, something that separates you from the rest of the pack. You need to be referred to by a high authority, high quality and highly relevant website.  This is the value proposition of the Ductless Directory.

The Ductless Directory is an SEO power house. There are more than 4.5 million results for ductless mini-splits on Google.  The Ductless Directory has helped businesses move to the first page of Google and be known as “The Ductless Guy” in their territory.  The Ductless Directory can help you dominate search results and supercharge your own website.

About You

You are a contractor, manufacturer, or business that wants to grow your ductless business.  You are ready for results and aren’t willing to sit back and let others take your business.  You know a great opportunity when you see it and ductless heat pumps are it.

About The Ductless Directory

A high authority website such as the Ductless Directory gets significant traffic when people search for information on ductless heat pumps or mini-splits. By listing your business or brand, you get traffic to your website, phone calls, and appointments. Links from this high authority website to your website helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and increases your site’s Page Rank. That means it will move up in the search listings and be closer to the top of page one on search.


The Ductless Directory has three levels of opportunities to market your brand and your business: Memberships, Sponsorships, and Advertising.

CONTRACTOR MEMBERSHIP – Memberships are for qualified ductless contractors. Contractors can choose their level of membership from a basic listing to our full video marketing program. We support the integrity of our directory and only allow membership to qualified contractors – this means you are factory authorized and trained to perform ductless installation. You are licensed, bonded and insured. We do not support online distributors or other online Do It Yourself solutions.

What You Get With The Ductless Directory:

  • Listing on an high authority website
  • Backlinks from the high authority site help with your SEO
  • Increased credibility with consumers
  • Highly targeted traffic
  • Increased Map Listings
  • Quality messaging that supports the contractor
  • High Efficiency listings get promotion via our Press Releases, Blog posts and Video Marketing
  • Additional visibility is available via our State Pages – which provide localized and regionalized information for consumers in each State.

Memberships: There are four types of memberships to choose from:

  1. GOOD – Just $27 per month
    This is the basic listing. Choose this if you have a budget, are unsure of where to start or just want to get your toes wet. Every contractor interested in growing their ductless business should choose this level at a bare minimum. The backlink to your site is worth its weight in gold. We can upgrade you to a higher listing at any time.
  2. BETTER – Just $37/month
    This is the basic listing + Social Book marking.
    Choose this when you have active social account via FB, Twitter, Instagram or others.
  3. BEST – Just $197/month
    This listing includes a full web page on the Directory + Social marketing + 1 Video.
    Choose this when you want a larger presence on the directory.
  4. HIGH EFFIENCY – This listing includes a full web page + Social Marketing + Our powerful video marketing which includes 4 Videos.
    Choose this when you want to be the Top Dog in your territory.
    Just $297/month

SPONSORSHIPS – Sponsorship are for the manufacturers of Ductless Systems. Sponsorship opportunities can be broad as in a Site Sponsorship, which is visibility across the entire Directory, or it can be targeted to a specific state. Recently we added the State Pages which allow us to provide regionalized and localized information to consumers about financing options and rebates and Brand information. Manufacturers can get additional visibility via the Featured Product page and also Press Release, Blog posts and via social.

Opportunities to enhance your brand visibility include:

  • Become a Site Sponsor by securing a Brand page
  • Gain positioning via the Featured Product
  • Target a certain region with our State Page sponsorship
  • Get promoted via the Ductless Directory Press Room
  • Promotion via our Blog Post and Social
  • Video Marketing for your brand.

You will also be able to take advantage of our integrated marketing approach which includes dedicated ductless websites, ductless messaging and video marketing.

ADVERTISING – Advertising is for companies that have a related service that is helpful to the consumer when considering a ductless system. The Ductless consumer needs to figure out how to pay for their new purchase. Lending companies and other companies that have an offering to support the home owner are good candidates for advertising on the directory.

The Ductless Directory can position your company when the consumer is wondering “How much does it cost? And other buying signal the consumer might use.

Get your business in front of consumers searching for information and position yourself as the experts in your category.

Opportunities to get more customers:

  • Banner ads on select pages
  • Dedicated web page explaining your product or service
  • Target a certain region with our State Page sponsorship
  • Get promoted via the Ductless Directory Press Room
  • Promotion via our Blog Post and Social
  • Video Marketing for your brand.

The creator of The Ductless Directory also has other products that help supercharge your business. With more than a decade of experience in marketing ductless products, we can help you with:

  • Dedicated ductless websites
  • Ductless advertising and marketing campaign
  • Ductless videos
  • SEO programs
  • And, ideas galore!

Need more info? Schedule an appointment, we will be happy to demonstrate how the Ductless Directory can help you Grow Your Ductless Business. Call: 833-568-9474