Just One Unit Does It All!

Meet the modern marvel called a Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump. It’s a heat pump so it can both heat and cool and it’s ductless so it does not require ductwork to be installed.  What’s so great about the ductless system is that it offers some of the highest efficiencies, an outstanding warranty not to mention that it will help you save money, save energy and increase your home comfort!

 Isn’t it great when you get more than you expected?   Your qualified ductless contractor will show you how to GET MORE when you GO LESS with a ductless heating and air conditioning system. You could buy a furnace and an air conditioner but why when today you can get both heating and cooling in one unit.

One Unit Both Heats and Cools
Used for decades in Europe and Asia, “ductless” mini-split heat pumps differ from traditional home heating and cooling systems because they provide both heating and air condition through one single device.  Previously, heat pumps have been used mainly in southern climates for decades. Technology has advanced and today heat pumps have extended temperature ranges that make them a great solution no matter where you live.

Installs Just About Anywhere
Ductless mini splits give you the freedom of choice.  You decide where to install them.  It’s great news for any home because instead of difficult-to-install traditional forced air systems that rely on ductwork system that is usually leaky and bulky a Ductless Systems give you options and can be installed just about anywhere including home that don’t have ductwork.   You decide how many indoor heads are needed; one indoor head for an area or up to 8 indoor heads for the whole house.

Easy Air Conditioning
If you need to Add AC to your home, consider a Ductless System. Adding Air Conditioning is one of many reasons people choose to go ductless. Ductless AC is easy to add to any home.  It can be used to cool one room, an area or the whole house.  Your investment pays off in the Fall when you need to start heating your home. and you need to now heat your home.

Comfort In Every Season
One unit works in all 4 seasons.  The Ductless System will provide AC in the summer and do it better and more efficiently than just about any other device. What happens in the Fall?  When perhaps you need to heat your home in the morning….need AC during the day….and heat again in the evening?  The Ductless System handles that without any issue and morphs into a full blown heating system when you need it in the dead of winter. 

Supplemental Heating and Cooling
Most homes have an area of the house that just gets too hot or cold.  And many homeowners need to expand their living space by converting a garage, attic or basement into livable space. The Ductless Mini Split it the perfect solution for these situation.  You don’t have to extend your ductwork or put extra load on  your existing heating and cooling system…that usually leads to decreased comfort throughout the home.  instead add just one unit to the area and enjoy true comfort all year long.

 What Else Can It Do?

How About Built-in Zoning.
Think of each area of your home as a zone and imagine that each zone of your home could have an indoor unit that controls the temperature in that zone. Your main living area could be a zone, your bedroom could be a zone, the basement, etc… now you can control the comfort in every area of your house.   You decide how many indoor heads are needed; one indoor head for an area or up to 8 indoor heads for the whole house.

How About Better Energy Efficiency
Ductless mini-split systems won’t lose any cooled air due to duct leakage. And duct leakage is a real problem with central air conditioners. As a matter of fact, ENERGY STAR estimates that a typical home loses up to 30% of the air that moves the duct system is lost due to leaks, , holes, and poorly connected ducts.”

Do You Like High Performance?
Ductless Mini Splits offer some of the highest energy efficiencies around. Many are ENERGY STAR® rated and may qualify for rebates and incentives. 

You Control The Comfort
Set it and forget it. You can think of it like cruise control for your mini-split.  Pick the temperature you want, set the fan to AUTO, and let your mini split do the rest. Your mini-split’s variable speed fan will adjust automatically to keep temperatures consistent. While you can save with traditional heating systems by setting back your thermostat while you sleep or while you’re away during the day, with mini-splits, even as you go to work for the day, leave your system alone. Like a car getting better gas mileage driving at constant highway speed, your mini-split will operate more efficiently this way. An exception is that you should turn the temperature down if you’re going to be away for a few days if you want to get some extra savings.

Can A Mini Split Heat A Whole House?

Ductless mini-split systems have long been used as an energy efficient and versatile air conditioning solution for situations where supplemental heating and cooling are needed – a home addition, for example. But can a ductless system handle the rigors of heating or cooling a whole house? The answer is YES!

Ductless mini-split heat pump systems are an efficient heating and cooling solution that can keep you  comfortable all year round, even in very cold temperatures. By transferring heat rather than generating it and by avoiding energy losses associated with ductwork, mini-splits are often more energy efficient than central heating or cooling systems.

If you don’t have a mini-split heat pump but you’re curious about a heating and cooling solution that harnesses clean energy and provides plenty of comfort year-round, take a look at one of our fine contractors.




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