How Will You Choose a Ductless HVAC contractor?

~Will you look for the contractor closest to your home?
~Will you hire the contractor with the cheapest price?
~Will you hire your friend or a jack of all trades just to ‘save a buck’?

No. No. and No! What they don’t know can hurt you.  You won’t save money and you could end up with a serious problem.

The most important day of your ductless system is the day it is installed. It has to get installed and set up properly by a trained and qualified Ductless HVAC contractor – it means everything to the life of the unit, the efficiency of the unit and the comfort that it can deliver.

Hiring the right ductless contractor is the first and most important decision you’ll make. It is more important than the brand you choose or any other factor. Get this right and you can expect to get all the benefits of a ductless system…save money, save energy, and increase your home comfort.

There’s a lot at stake when you choose a Ductless Heating and Cooling Contractor; your home comfort, your home safety and peace of mind. If you like it when things get done right the first time, hire a qualified and Certified Ductless Contractor.

Ductless Is In High Demand around the nation and with good reason.  A Ductless Mini Split system both heats and cools. Why buy two units, when you can buy one? Why deal with the work of installing new ductwork, or routing and modifying existing ductwork, when there is a more modern and efficient solution? Ductless allows homeowners to heat and cool with one single unit and without the hassle of ductwork.  Ductless systems also allow you to breathe cleaner air and remove dust, mold, debris, and other dirt particles that are inherent to traditional forced air systems.

What could possible go wrong?  An untrained inexperienced contractor frequently makes one of these mistakes, they happen more often than you think. This lack of experience and expertise probably won’t save you that much money at the end of the day and will  more likely cost you time and money both in the short term and in the long run.

  • Wrong equipment recommendations costs money: Many amateurs or DIY don’t realize that the equipment has to be matched to your home and occupancy. Which direction does your home face? Are there pets? Anyone with allergies or asthma?
  • Over sizing and under sizing cost you money: Bigger is not better. It’s one of the most common mistakes and the most costly. Additionally, trying to save money by getting an under-sized unit doesn’t work and will cost you more money.
  • Improper installation costs you time, money and safety: A trained contractor is equipped with the right tools which are necessary in order to have a successful installation. The money they think they might save by cutting corners can come back to haunt them over and over again.
  • Refrigerant leaks are problem: It is against the law in most states to install a ductless system without a license. Refrigerants are not anything to mess around with. When your system runs out of refrigerant it will shorten the life of the unit.
  • Safety Hazards: Improper installation can lead to safety hazards.
  • Your Warranty Cold Be Voided: Manufacturers of Ductless System know how important the installation process is, that’s why they have training and certification programs. The biggest issue with a ductless system will always stem back to an improper installation. Many units come with a 12 year warranty which will be void if the installation was not performed by a qualified contractor.
  • Wasted time on call backs to solve problems: Homeowners get irritated when they are inconvenienced.  Improper installation leads to call backs, call backs lead to wasted time, wasted time leads to loss of income.

Did You Know? 90% of all problems are due to refrigerant leaks because the contractor was not familiar with the product or have the right tools to install the equipment.

Reduce Your Risk. The cost of hiring the wrong contractor is substantial. Our best advice is to resist the temptation to get a deal or save a buck when looking for a Ductless Contractor. And resist the urge to do it yourself…it won’t be worth it.

Most home owners want a system to be installed so they don’t have to think about it again. At the end of the day it usually costs way more than what you think you can save.

There’s a better way. Getting the comfort you want has everything to do with the choices you make. Start with hiring a contractor that has training, knowledge and experience.  Hire a Ductless Contractor with expertise.  A qualified contractor will have received training from the manufacture they represent. The training includes how to match your home and your needs to the right product. The contractor will be trained on Single Zoned Ductless, Multi Zoned Ductless, and Whole House Ductless Solutions.  If you want to get the right end result, you have to make sure to take the right steps.

Hire a Licensed Ductless HVAC Contractor to Save Money and Extend the Life Of Your Equipment

  • Get the perfectly sized system for your needs: A Qualified Ductless Contractor will evaluate your home and look at the big picture. Which direction does your home face? What does insulation look like? Who lives in the home?  How many people?
  • Avoid insufficient cooling due to an undersized system: An inexperienced contractor may  recommend a unit that is too small for the area you have.  Under-sizing the unit is a common mistake made, usually made to save money.
  • Avoid increased utility bills due to an oversize system: More commonly an amateur may think that bigger is better. Nothing can be further from the truth, choosing a unit bigger than what you need is a big mistake.
  • Ensure yourself of a professional installation: Trained Ductless Contractors spend many hours of training on how to properly install the equipment.  They have the specialty tools necessary to install the unit properly.
  • Reduce time waste of call back due to lack of comfort: The whole reason to Go Ductless is to reap the rewards of this amazing technology. A Trained Ductless Contractor will ensure a professional installation.
  • Get up to date information on rebates and incentives: You may qualify for rebates and incentives. Many states have programs designed specifically for Ductless.  Your qualified Ductless Contractor will walk you through all of this.
  • Get peak performance from your equipment: Get peace of mind knowing that your equipment is designed to deliver comfort for the long haul. Getting peak performance from a Ductless  Mini Split has everything to do with how it is installed.

You want get all the benefits that a Ductless Heat Pump has to offer, right?
Don’t blow it by hiring the wrong contractor.  Don’t settle for anything but the best, make sure to hire a trained and qualified contractor. A  Ductless Mini Split is one of the smartest decisions you can make for your home comfort.

Hire the Right Contractor. Hire a Qualified Ductless HVAC contractor because they know what to do, have the tools, and have been trained to ensure you get what you intended from your purchase. A good contractor will make it look easy but make no mistake, they are extremely knowledgeable and  have gone through hours of training as well as have the proper to tools to execute the task.

Also recognize that there are specialty tools that are required for a proper ductless installation. If they don’t have the right tools or don’t know they need special tools, the installation will be compromised.

Compare the price of your initial investment to the cost of operation. There is the price of your initial investment and the cost of operation. The cost of operation over time is usually much greater than the actual purchase price. If you don’t install it right, you won’t get the efficiencies you expect or the life.  You won’t get the saving you would over the life of the system.  Once you step back and look at the big picture it’s easy to see that hiring the right contractor is key to have the best ductless experience. .

Where will you find a Reputable, Qualified Ductless Contractor?  You’ll find them on the Ductless Directory. We vet every contractor and only accept trained and certified contractors.  Find Your Ductless Contractor now!