Hot and Cold Spot Got You Down?

We know. They’re annoying. And almost every home has them. They’re one of the top reasons home owners complain about when it comes to home comfort.

You don’t’ have to settle for rooms that are too hot or too cold. A ductless mini split can provide the relief you need.   Choose a single-zone mini split to maintain the ideal temperature in any individual room or choose a multi-zone mini split for individualized comfort  throughout your whole house.

Who has hot and cold spots? If you have an older home you probably have them. You may have adjusted to different temperatures in different rooms and think that it is normal for an older home.  In fact, it’s most likely a problem that can be solved.

You know you have a problem area in the house when you set the thermostat to keep the family room comfortable in summer but the upstairs kids’ bedrooms are too hot. If you crank up the AC to keep the kids’ rooms cool, the family room becomes a walk-in freezer.

If you bought a new home recently, you know there is a phase of discovering and getting to know your home. What you might discover are rooms or spaces that are just too hot or too cold. You might not even notice these issues until the weather gets to a certain temperature and then you can’t miss them. 

What are signs of a cold spot? You probably don’t need much help noticing them, the temperature dips within your home in certain areas. Maybe you hit a cold spot when you’re walking through the hallway or into another room and you encounter an air temperature that’s colder than the rest of the house. You may also notice that a room that was comfortable in the fall becomes unbearable in the winter.  

What causes hot and cold spots? There are a few reasons you have hot and cold spots:

  1. Your furnace or air conditioning unit is either too small or too large. Under-sizing and over-sizing are common problems. If your heating and cooling equipment is not the right size it won’t heat or cool your home consistently.
  2. Faulty air ducts may be to blame. Your duct work may have leaks or holes or even poorly connected. It may have been poorly designed, under-insulated or not properly maintained. You can lose up to 30% or more of the hot or cool air that is supposed to circulate through your home. Consider that ducts leaking at 20% can cause your HVAC system to work 50% harder. When your furnace or AC has to work this hard it shortens the life span of the unit
  3. Have you had any extra rooms added onto your home? Adding a room to your home can create hot or cold spots or both. A home addition or remodeling project can add a considerable amount of space within your home which puts an additional demand on your furnace or AC which in turn can create hot and cold spots.    

No More Hot and Cold Spots With a Ductless System!

A Ductless System is a reliable and efficient option.  Installing a ductless heating and cooling system is an effective and energy efficient solution. They heat and cool so they solve a problem all year long. They also work in homes that won’t don’t have ductwork. Their suitability for zoning is the key to their success.

Supplement Your Current Heating and Cooling System by Adding Ductless. Think of it as a home addition. Adding ductless to one room or an area of your home is an easy solution.  Of course, a  ductless system will work on its own, but they can supplement your existing  forced air system to solve your problem. 

One outdoor ductless unit can operate one or several indoor units strategically placed throughout your home. Choose this option when you have one room that is notoriously hot or cold. They are especially popular for Master Bedrooms, where comfort is key.  Also used in finished attics or basements, sunrooms or enclosed patios, room additions, rarely used rooms, rooms further away from the Central Air or furnace, mother-in-law apartments.


Choose Ductless Zoning For A Whole House Solution.  Think of your home as having separate zones or regions and consider their unique heating or cooling requirements.  Imagine how much money you can save when you deploy a strategy to heat and cool the areas of your home as you need.

Ductless systems are made with zoning in mind. A ductless system can have one indoor unit or several indoor unit strategically placed throughout your home.  Shut doors and windows to isolate each zone and maintain its constant temperature. Heating and cooling small zones consistently is much easier than treating a whole house.

Mini-split installation requires specialized skills like those possessed by the certified installers.

You don’t have to settle for hot and cold spots. Many homeowners think they have no choice but to grin and bear it, when in fact temperature fluctuations can and should be corrected. Not only do hot and cold spots produce a less than comfortable indoor environment they also have a big impact on your utility bill. 

The Good News is that there is a solution. Put an end to your home’s hot and cold spots today.  Call a qualified Ductless Contractor is all that is needed to address your home comfort issues.