Hiring The Right Ductless Contractor

The most important step in your ductless journey is hiring the right ductless contractor.
It’s more important than the brand you choose, the model you choose or getting the lowest price.  A trained and certified contractor knows how to assess your home, will help you make the right product selection and be sure to properly size your ductless system for optimal performance.

Step 1: Show Me Your Credentials!
Start the process by looking for a contractor with good credentials. Look for a Factory Authorized Dealer with extensive training from the manufacturer for the brand they recommend.  Additionally, industry certifications are also a plus.  For example, the highest level of training an HVAC company can have is NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certification.  It’s a third-party, non-profit certification for HVAC technicians. A professional installation means properly sized equipment that will perform at peak performance and keep you comfortable all year long.

Step 2:  Look For Experience With A Capital E.
A lot can go wrong in the hands of an inexperienced ductless contractor. A contractor with extensive ductless installation experience is more likely to provide a flawless installation, resulting in peak efficiency and performance. Why risk a rookie mistake?  Choose a contractor with rock solid experience. Don’t forget to ask your ductless contractor about efficiencies, warranties as well as rebates and incentives!

Step 3: Check Online Referrals and Reviews.
Go ahead, spy on your contractor.  Every contractor wants your business, but Google reviews and other online sources will tell you who deserves your business. Today you can find out what other consumers have to say by checking out Google reviews as well as other 3rd party online sources of reviews. To see online reviews, go to your search bar and type in the contractor name, location and the word “review” (without the quotation marks) to check on the reputation of your contractor. As a general rule, the contractors listed in the ductless directory are qualified ductless contractors that have completed training by the manufacturer they represent.

Step 4: Make sure your contractor is trained in repair and maintenance of ductless systems.
Although Ductless Heat Pumps are considered durable and reliable, all HVAC systems require regular maintenance and may occasionally require regular repairs. In the event, that your ductless system malfunctions, you’ll want an HVAC contractor with ductless repair experience. There is never a good time to have your heating and cooling system fail, but if it does, you’ll want a heating and cooling contractor that offers 24/7 hour emergency service. Benefits of hiring a Factory Authorized Ductless Dealer

  • Fewer callbacks: Knowledge and experience matter. The job gets done right the first time around with a proper evaluation.
  • More professional installation: Properly sized equipment means your system will run at peak performance.
  • Lower utility bills: An installation performed by a NATE-certified technician pays for itself by resulting in lower energy bills.
  • Faster diagnosis: Problems are much easier to solve when the technician has the proper training.
  • Extended Warranties: In some cases, a Factory Authorized Contractor can offer a better warranty.  Big bonus!

Following these steps will help make the process of hiring the right Ductless Contractor easy. Oh, and by the way….did you know that ductless heat pump owners have the highest level of satisfaction of any product in the heating and cooling industry?  Join the clean air club and Find a Ductless Contractor Today.

Hiring The Right Ductless Contractor –
How To Choose The Best Ductless Contractor

Hiring The Right Ductless Contractor

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