A ductless mini split heat pump works much the same as a mini split air conditioner. You can actually get dual units that function as both, although it often costs a bit more, but if you are attempting to heat a room that you may also wind up using in the summer, it may be a great investment for your home.

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to ductless mini split heat pumps and air conditioners, and here we will go over just a few so you can figure out whether this type of system is right for you and your family.

One of the main advantages to mini splits is that they are very efficient. They typically use much less electricity than other electric units and can save money on your monthly electric bill while helping the environment at the same time. Mini splits are also usually smaller than other types of units, which is a major benefit if you live in a small home or apartment. The more space you can save, the better, so utilizing your space to the maximum is important when you are determining what type of heat pump to buy.

Ductless mini split heat pumps are also very quiet while running, which is a great advantage if you have young children, difficulty sleeping, live in close proximity to others, or simply enjoy the peace and quiet you feel like you deserve. Mini splits can also do zone cooling and heating which is great because it means you do not need to heat or cool any area of your home besides the one you are spending time in. There is no reason to heat the entire home if you are only in one room, and this is one of the only types of heating units that allows you to do this. It is also quite convenient, as it allows you to control the unit on one box for up to four zones of your home, often even allowing you to do so by use of a handy remote control for easier access. Because of zone cooling and heating, this type of unit is going to help you save a great deal of money on your home heating bill because you will not be using excess electricity that isn’t necessary.

As mentioned though, there are a number of disadvantages to using a ductless mini split heat pump. They can sometimes be more costly up front than other types of units, so if you are shopping simply on cost, this may not be the right kind of system for you at this time. They are also sometimes costly to have serviced. You must always hire a professional to maintain your unit unless you are an electrician, and unfortunately technicians with this specialty are often hard to find because they are fairly rare. These units also require their own special tools be used in maintenance, so not all HVAC professionals specialize in this area.

While ductless mini split heat pumps are right for some homes, it is important to look into all the options and talk to a professional before making this very important decision.

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