Ductless heat pumps transfer air from the indoor part of the device to the area that has been cooled without the means of duct systems. These appliances are ideal energy efficient systems for any homes in numerous US cities like Portland (Oregon) and Hillsboro (Oregon). Due to this reason most heating contractors recommend to install ductless heat pumps.

Most heat pumps which are installed come with an air distribution or duct system, whereas, ductless ones do not. The latter are meant to hang on the wall and deliver air from the indoor unit of the appliance. Homes which do not come with air ducts, installing central air conditioning system can be a difficult task. In such situations ductless heat pumps are a perfect solution. Within air handlers, which are mounted all over the home, the refrigerant is put into individual coils, due to which mini-split heat pumps do not need any sort of ductwork for central air conditioning system. These refrigerant lines take up less space when compared to the conventional ducts, so too much effort is not required to install these devices. This, in fact helps the heating contractors since it requires lesser time to install them.

When it comes to conventional heat pumps, single outdoor and indoor units cool the entire house. Air gets cooled at the evaporator coils and gets distributed throughout the house with the help of ducts. On the other hand, ductless ones come with a single outdoor unit which serves several indoor units. This in turn lowers the cost of installing multiple heating units in a single house. In ductless systems, refrigerant is transferred to the various indoor units in different rooms of a house through insulated refrigerant lines. The cooled air is, in turn blown into various rooms with the help of a fan situated in each evaporator unit. Most residents of major US cities like Aloha (Oregon) and Hillsboro (Oregon) prefer to install ductless system simply because of its various advantages over conventional heating systems.

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