Heat pumps are becoming more and more popular to homeowners because of their efficiency and the ability to help lower down their energy consumption. When you are planning to get one installed in your home, then it is about time to get to know the types available for you and which may be suitable for your current setup. A ductless heat pump is one of the many good options you need to take a good look at.

No Duct System Required

As its name implies, it does not have a duct system or an air distribution on it that most heating and cooling devices have. It simply works by hanging on the wall and delivering the air from the indoor part of the device without the need for a duct system.

It transports the air directly or straight to the space that is or has been cold right away. In most cases, it would be difficult if a central unit would have air ducts but to provide a solution to that problem, a ductless heat pump will pipe refrigerant to individual coils within air handlers mounted throughout a home. In addition, mini-split pumps do not require any duct work at all for a central air conditioning unit.

A ductless heat pump is very efficient in combining the flexibility of a room air conditioning system with that of a cooling system thus making it a good heating and cooling system at the same time.

Unlike most heating and cooling systems, this type of system works best as a cooling system. The installation would be similar to regular heat pumps except that you need to be a little extra careful to prevent refrigeration leaks and to ensure proper operating pressures.

Easy to Operate

Unlike conventional units, the wiring for power and control is much easier because it is ductless and the refrigerant lines from the outdoor units can extend up to a hundred feet from the indoor units where it has been installed.

Installing this type of device is not for everyone, however it is important to conduct your research and get several quotes for installation.

A ductless heat pump usually costs around five hundred dollars to nine hundred dollars per ton and it varies depending on the type of system and number of zones per unit. At first, it can be very costly, but once it has installed you will see the long lasting benefits of this device.

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