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Which Ductless Mini Split Brand Should I Choose?

As ductless mini split heat pumps gain popularity across the US, consumers need to decide which brand to choose and also where to buy their ductless system. Both are important decisions to make.

Not all Ductless Mini Splits are created equal so some research is necessary. Some brands have been around longer than others, some have invested in technology more than others and some offer better warranties, better reliability, higher efficiencies and more features than others.

Cautionary note:

  1. Going Ductless is not a DIY (do it yourself) project. There are many considerations to selecting the right unit so don’t guess at what you think is best. You need a qualified and trained contractor to handle the refrigerant line and to properly size your living environment so they can match the right product. Most manufacturers void the warranty if there is not a professional installation.
  2. Buying online does not offer the cost saving one might imagine. First you have the warranty and liability issues to consider. Next you probably won’t find a reputable HVAC Ductless contractor to install the unit properly. Proper installation is key to ensure the longevity, reliability and efficiency of the unit. Additionally, a professional contractor’s quote will include all the materials, labor and ancillary items needed to complete the installation.
  3. Also be aware that there are cheap knock offs from China that you want to stay clear of.

Stick with a Brand name that you recognize and make sure to hire a ductless contractor that is trained and certified by the Brand they represent.  Following is a list of reputable brands to consider.





Daikin is the Global #1 leader in ductless technology and known throughout the industry for their pioneering approach to heating and cooling. At the heart of a ductless mini split is inverter technology. Daikin inverter technology provides rapid heating and cooling all with high efficiencies and quiet operation day and night. Daikin also produces their own refrigerants, so that they can guarantee the highest quality and performance.  Learn More

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