Benefits of Ductless Heat Pumps

Ductless Benefits

The Ductless Heat Pump is an advanced heating and cooling system.
It is equipped with an INTELLIGENT EYE that continually scans the room
seeking out cool spots that don’t match with requested temperature.
It has the ability to send isolated heat to just that spot to insure that
open doors, cold windows or drafts don’t interfere with your comfort.

It is also WHISPER QUIET. You won’t hear the system loudly turn itself off
and on. While it’s running you’ll have to strain to hear it’s efforts. All while
it keeps your space comfy cozy.

The system is designed to be wall mounted which keeps you safer by
never having furniture up against hot space or baseboard heaters.
Enjoy the freedom of placing your furniture up against any wall.
Avoid warm ankles and cold shoulders. This is all around comfort.

Ductless Benefits
Ductless Heat Pump Benefits

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