Ductless and Boilers Go Together Like…

Some things just go together. Some things are simply better together, like peanut butter and jelly, or that perfectly prepared steak with the right cabernet. There is an almost synergistic type of existence they have together, working in harmony.

In the world of heating and cooling, one of those great pairings is the Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump with a Boiler Heating System.

A Match Made in Heating & Cooling Heaven

First let’s address the fact that people who own boilers report having a very high level of satisfaction! It is said that a boiler provides the most comfortable and cozy heat. The benefits of a boiler heated home are many. For example, boilers are known to be very energy efficient. In general, boilers produce heat instead of using fuel, which make them super-efficient, a great choice for any homeowner that wants to reduce their energy consumption and save money on utility bills. They are also much quieter because they don’t force air through a maze of ductwork. As a result, they are significantly quieter in operation than most furnaces.

The downside? The complaints that have long surrounded boiler-heated homes have less to do with the reliability and quality of the heat provided and are more about the job it does – or fails to do. Namely, they can take a considerable amount of time to heat up. Let’s face it, nobody like to wait to get warm. And then there is the issue of not being able to add Air Conditioning. Furnaces are convenient because you can share the existing duct work, but when you have a boiler, you must find another method to cool your home.

It’s almost as if the boiler needed help, kind of like having a partner?

If you have a boiler-heated home and have been looking or thinking about ductless options, it might be time to consider marrying the two. Sometimes things simply work better together, just like boilers and Ductless Mini-Split systems do. 

Better Together

While boiler systems can be effective, they take forever and a day to warm up. One way ductless can save homeowners and businesses money is by eliminating the time it takes for those boilers to heat. With a Ductless System, the heat is on when you turn it on, which means eliminating the expense of warming up that boiler. 

This also makes the Mini-Split a cost-savings option for those days when it isn’t quite cold enough to justify firing up the boiler. The Ductless Mini-Split System can also be used to heat certain areas of the home, like those places that the duct system struggles to reach. Effectively, this also makes less work for the boiler, also equating to less expense. 

A Ductless System also means you have a backup in case the boiler goes down, in addition to providing comfort in the hottest seasons too. Last, but not least, the Ductless Mini-Split Systems offer instant heating and cooling. That means heat when you want heat, and cooling when you want cooling. This was more than a beautiful proposal from a heating and cooling system that has a lot to offer, this was a perfect match.

The Ductless Mini-Split Proposal

The idea of combining a Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump System with an existing boiler system isn’t a new one, and it has proven to be a very successful marriage. This was a match made in heating and cooling heaven for those who didn’t want to remove their trusted boiler system.

Along with easy installations, Ductless Systems can be used to complement existing boiler systems by having the ability to heat and cool only certain zones. Ductless Systems also provide an excellent means to heat and cool a new extension or room addition. Running new ductwork or extending and rerouting ducts can be time-consuming, messy, and expensive. Ductless Mini-Split Systems provide an efficient, affordable, and complementary way to address these heating and cooling concerns. 

The mini-split ductless system seemingly fills in all the holes and is strong where the boiler is weak, making this an ideal match. While traditional air conditioning units and other systems may have come knocking, it was the life of less expense, more comfort, and instant gratification that the Ductless Mini-Split proposed. And it was a proposal that boiler systems couldn’t turn down. 

A Perfect Match

On those coldest of days, the Ductless Mini Split helps to warm those even those normally cold areas in the home or office. On those not-so-cold days, the ductless system might even tell the boiler to take the day off!

Save money, because ductless and broilers work together. Don’t wait for the boiler to warm up when you come in from the cold, because boilers and ductless systems work better together. Yes, they can save money and eliminate the need to wait for comfort. Why? Because boilers and ductless systems work so well together.

Like sunny Sunday afternoons were made for a drive, like technology and our lives, like PB&J only better, some things just go together. Boiler systems can provide consistent, clean, and reliable heat for homes, offices, and businesses, but they can do so much more with the right partner. Consider Ductless Mini-Splits, not as a replacement, but as a helper, the yin to the boiler’s yang, and the answer to your heating and cooling needs. Ductless and boilers just go together.

The first step and most important step is to find a qualified Ductless Mini Split Contractor. They’ll make sure to properly evaluate your home to ensure you get the right product, find the proper product placement, and provide a professional installation.

Another 5 Star Review for a Ductless Directory Contractor

Professional and highly responsive crew. We bought a ductless mini split system and had it installed in our historical home. The crew approached the project with a high degree of professionalism and attention to detail. From the initial quote to complete installation was just five short days and the installation was completed one day ahead of schedule. Highly impressed with them – they will be my go to HVAC company!”
~M. Rogers, Boise Idaho

Another 5 Star Review for a Ductless Directory Contractor


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