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Adding Air Conditioning to any room or area of the house is easy with a Ductless Mini Split AC System. When you go ductless you choose to cool your whole house or just one room more efficiently, more effectively and more comfortable than ever before.

Inverter Technology is the difference!
What makes a Ductless AC so great is the technology called variable speed inverter technology. You can think of it like cruise control on your car, the benefits result in lower energy bills, increased home comfort and improved indoor air quality. The more you know about inverter technology the more you’ll see how Ductless AC could be your best choice.

Compare Traditional AC to Ductless AC
Traditional HVAC systems operate like a light switch, it’s either on or off. To cool a space, a traditional central air system turns on and stays on until it reaches the desired temperature.  Once the set temperature is hit it turns off.  The temperature rises and the AC kicks back on. This on and off continually happens around the clock.

As the sun moves across the sky and the temperature continues to rise a traditional system will cycle on and off with greater frequency.   This method is not only inefficient homeowners are disrupted from the loud noise of the system kicking on and off.  Many homeowners report this to be disruptive to their sleep and to their outdoor summer activities.

Ductless AC systems work like a dimmer switch, it adjusts to meet the demand.  Ductless uses advanced technology call inverter technology, it is designed to stay on at a low level and then increase the speed to deliver rapid cooling. It will maintain the temperature consistently and adjusts the compressor speed to meet the demand.

This method is designed to use only the power you need at the time by staying on at a low level and then increasing speed to deliver rapid cooling. This efficient method results in home owners saving up to 30% or more in their utility bills.

“Ductless is one of the products that actually walks the talk of comfort because you’re not relying on ductwork.  For example; there’s a good chance your Central AC won’t cool the second floor of your house because you have to rely on your ductwork to deliver the air. The second floor of your home is further away from the AC unit so the distance the air has to travel can cause comfort issues. Rather than moving air, a ductless system moves refrigerant…it’s a more efficient method.  It’s like we put the refrigerator in the room you want to cool. “
~Scott Spanjers, Installation Manager
Blue Ox Heating and Air

What does Inverter Technology Feel like?
The non-inverter Air Conditioner powers off when the desired temperature is met, which simply just makes it too hot again in very short order. The Ductless Inverter Technology operates like a dimmer so you only use the energy you need at the time.

Energy Efficiency: When compared to rotary compressor output, the energy efficiency of the mini-split inverter is the primary advantage of this HVAC system. It saves money on energy because it delivers greater precision for heating and cooling your home.

Improved Home Comfort: Because the system is delivering consistently you won’t feel too hot or too cold. An additional benefit is that you’ll have improved indoor air quality because your air is consistently being filtered.  Enjoy quiet operation day or night.  Inverter Systems operate quieter than an on off system. Ductless systems are “whisper quiet” so you’ll barely notice it. It’s a great choice for the Master Bedroom to ensure a good night sleep.  It also makes your back yard BBQs better because you’ll be able to hear your guests not your AC system operating.

50% of your Utility bill goes toward heating and cooling your home.

If you like to save money and be more comfortable in your home, you’re going to love Ductless Air Conditioning.  You’ll save money because you’ll reduce your overall energy consumption. Ductless AC Systems have some of the highest efficiencies. Some models have a SEER rating as high as 42.

What is SEER?  It’s the rating given to Air Conditioners.  It stands for Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio. The higher the rating the more efficient the system is. While a higher rated air conditioner will cost more upfront, it’s usually worth the investment due to the total cost of ownership.

The ductless mini split is a beautiful thing.  It solves many problems, some common applications include:

Consider a ductless mini split when:

  • Converting an attic into living space
  • Converting a garage into living space
  • You have a sunroom that you’d like to have livable space in the winter
  • You have hot or cold spots in your home
  • You have a guest room or rec room that is rarely occupied
  • You’re planning on a remodeling project
  • You are starting a home addition

Zoning Is Easier With Ductless, too.

Ductless systems can be “zoned” to heat and cool individual rooms in ways that a traditional system can’t. Each “zone” has its own thermostat, allowing the homeowner to heat or cool individual rooms at will.

The main advantages of mini splits are their small size and flexibility for zoning Air Conditioning. You can choose from a single zone (1 outdoor unit and 1 indoor head) to a multi zone (1 outdoor unit and up to 4 indoor heads) or a whole house zoned solution (1 outdoor unit and up to 8 indoor heads.  Each of the zones has its own thermostat, so you only need to condition occupied spaces. This will save energy and money.

 “Why cool the whole house?  Save money by controlling the temperature room by room.  Now you can have complete control of your home comfort and your energy bill. Daikin has created the most efficient environmentally friendly comfort systems. Daikin, the world leader in Ductless technology, provides AC solutions that can be tailored to fit any home.”
Kris Kastner, Area Manager

Ductless systems deliver clean, comfortable air to the rooms you choose and they are extremely quiet, making them perfect for sound sensitive rooms like offices and nurseries.

Hire a contractor with credentials!  The most important decision is to hire an experienced and knowledgeable ductless company.  You can be sure to get advice you can rely on.


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