Nothing ruins your summer like faulty air conditioning! You’re finally off work & getting ready to relax, only to find that loud noises, hot spots, & high energy bills take up all your time and peace of mind. With troubles like these, it’s easy to start thinking you won’t have any fun this summer.

Then suddenly, when all hope seems lost, it’s Douglas to the rescue!

Struggling to sleep on hot summer nights?
You’ve lost your dream state because you toss & turn as your AC tries to cool the room down, and if it even works at all, it ends up making things too cold! How’re you supposed to stay refreshed if you can’t even sleep comfortably?

Douglas is here to get you through the night! Not too hot or too cold, Douglas knows exactly what you need. He’ll keep you resting comfortably, no matter what it’s like outside.

Fed up with hot spots in your home?
More than 30 percent of families live in older homes that weren’t designed for AC. If you’re in one of these houses, keeping the whole building cool seems like a fool’s errand, & you’re left shuffling from room to room, trying to find one without a hot spot.

Here comes Douglas AC to drive the hot spots away & spread cool air throughout your house!

Losing your mind to endless clanking?
Older Air Conditioners fill your house with loud noises as they turn on & off. Even if they’re good at keeping you cool, it comes at the cost of your peace of mind. How’re you supposed to enjoy your summer when you can’t even hear yourself think?!

Arriving quickly but quietly, it’s Douglas to the rescue! Douglas is silent as a whisper. He’s so quiet that you probably won’t even notice he’s there — until you stop to think about where all the cool air’s coming from!  Ahhh thank you Douglas!

Tired of high energy bills?
Temperatures are on the rise and with each summer seemingly getting hotter, that’s a terrifying thought. You deserve cool comfort without having to break the bank.

…and Douglas is here to give it to you! He has your back throughout the hardest times & hottest summers. Douglas won’t stop chasing summer comfort, catching it for you at a price you can afford, no matter how hot the season gets.

Are your backyard BBQs a bear?
You want to enjoy your guests but your dang Air Conditioner rudely interrupts every conversation so you can barely hear your guests. You have to shout just to be heard.

Well, no surprise here….you can rely on Douglas to treat all of your guests with the utmost respect. Douglas will get the job done and be so discrete you won’t even know he’s there. 

Up for a new Air Conditioning system but don’t have ductwork?
No problem. Douglas is the modern way to cool your home. No ductwork? No problem!

Douglas always keeps things simple. When you invite him into your house, he moves in swiftly and doesn’t give you any trouble. You might even forget he’s moved in — until, again, you notice all the cool, fresh air!

Can Douglas qualify for rebates and incentives?
Douglas is truly the Can Do guy. He’s as happy to be joining you as you are to bring him in, & he’s committed to earning his keep! Once he’s there, he’ll go out & fetch you some rebates and other incentives, all while chasing down your energy bill.

What else can Douglas do?
When summer is over and when winter approaches and temperatures start to fall, Douglas will switch straight to chasing the cold away without skipping a beat. That’s because with Douglas you get 2-in-1 functionality, Douglas both heats and cools. It won’t be long until Douglas becomes a valued member of your family all through the year.

No matter your home’s comfort needs, you can count on Douglas to come to your rescue. Put Douglas to work for you today, but know this…he’s only available here at the Ductless Directory website.


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