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When you choose a Daikin Ductless Mini Split you’re choosing the right system from start to finish. That’s because nobody knows ductless better than Daikin.

It’s all comes down to the air you breathe.  Air is important. It affects every aspect of our life. When we speak about heating and air conditioning, we’re ultimately talking about the air you breathe.  What does it mean to be an air specialist?  It means providing better air in every aspect of your life.

Why Daikin?
Daikin is the Global #1 leader in ductless technology and known throughout the industry for their pioneering approach to heating and cooling.

At the heart of a ductless mini split is inverter technology. Daikin inverter technology provides rapid heating and cooling all with high efficiencies and quiet operation day and night.

  • Daikin is #1 in performance. Daikin produces their own refrigerants, so that they can guarantee the highest quality and performance.
  • The highest efficiencies. Daikin delivers unmatched Energy Efficiency. The advantage of inverter ‘variable speed’ compressor provides system performance that can which can deliver capacity to maintain desired room conditions while reducing energy consumption by up to 50% or more.
  • Extended heating capacity. Daikin has the highest heating capacity at low temperatures, down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Zonal heating and cooling. Ductless systems heat and cool and can be used in one room or the whole house with individual temperature control
  • The best warranty in the business. Get up to 12 years parts and labor coverage on select models.

Daikin Ductless Heating and CoolingDaikin Products – Get Freedom of Choice!
Daikin provides the largest product selection. Daikin ductless systems come in a variety of options so you can choose 1,2,3,4 or even 8 indoor heads.

Single Zone Solution: These ductless HVAC systems are ideal for heating and cooling small spaces like single rooms, home additions, problem areas in the home or even to supplement your current system. Common application include: home additions, attic conversions, sun rooms, converting garages into usable spaces and so on.

Multi  Zone Solutions:  When you have a larger area to heat and cool you’ll want to select a multi-zone system. Now you can save energy and control temperatures independently in up to eight separate zones, with a single outdoor unit. With available wall-mounted, concealed slim-duct, ceiling cassette, and floor-mounted indoor options, Daikin Multi-Zone Systems offer multiple indoor unit styles to meet all home comfort needs.

Daikin is #1 In Quality
R 410a Inverter DaikinInnovation is the backbone of Daikin philosophy. Daikin quality is reinforced from our manufacturing facility to the contractor’s we choose.

  • Daikin manufactures all their own compressors, refrigerants, and other major components providing complete quality control
  • All major components are engineered and manufactured by Daikin to ensure maximum performance and reliability
  • Zero defect policy
  • State of the art manufacture facility in Texas
  • The Best Warranty in the business!

3D Daikin DealersDaikin Contractors – Look for the Mark of Excellence
Consistent with our value of reliability and dependability.  Daikin 3D contractors have the highest level of training in the industry.

Daikin 3D Dealers can be trusted to do it right, the first time. Your Daikin 3D Dealer is a highly-trained product and installation expert who has completed more than 80 hours of rigorous training on Daikin products, service and installation procedures prior to receiving the 3D mark of excellence. Count on your Daikin 3D Dealer to deliver an expert, high-quality installation.

~Would you like to save money on your utility bill?
~Are you looking to increase the level of comfort in your home?
~Do you have a spot in your home that is hard to heat or cool?
~Does someone in your home have allergies or asthma?
~Do you want an easy way to add Air Conditioning?

These are just some of the reason people have to go ductless.
Find out how a Daikin ductless mini split system can improve your life.

Find a ductless contractor today!

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