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WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS of having my business listed in the The Ductless Directory?

Aside from the obvious benefits of having your business listed in The Ductless Directory, there is another major benefit. That benefit is the positive effect it can have in determining how your website ranks locally, as it enhances the quantity and quality of citations and NAP consistency (NAP = Name / Address / Phone) across your citations. Important – this listing is a Citation* on an Authority Site that specializes in the Ductless Heat Pump niche. Treat it with the respect that it deserves by taking the time to fill it out accurately and completely.

* Citations are just occurrences of your business information (NAP data) online, whether that be on directory sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, newspaper articles, blog posts, or the Ductless Directory.

What if my business location is not listed on the signup form?

Just contact us and we’ll add your location asap!

Do I have to sign a contract to list my business in the Ductless Directory?

NO. You can cancel anytime. All we ask is that you give us adequate warning of cancellation.

Can potential leads contact my business directly from the Ductless Directory?

Yes, but only with the “Better”, “Best” or “High-Efficiency” membership levels.

Do I have to sign a contract?

NO. You can cancel anytime* but just know that any pending video ads that are included with your package will cease if you’re on a monthly plan. Due to the nature of this service there are absolutely no refunds, pro-rated or otherwise.

* Cancel must be recieved 14 days before next billing date.