Cold Climate?  So What!

Who cares what the weather is doing outside when you have a Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump.  Now you can stay warm and comfortable even when it’s freezing outdoors. The state of New York demands reliable heating systems that can endure harsh winters.  Ductless Heat Pumps are growing in popularity in New York and with good reason.

The way we used to do things isn’t always the best way. Traditional forces air systems have inherent problems. The first is that they force air through a maze of duct work throughout your home.  This poses two big problems: the first is that many homes experience up to 30% heat loss due to faulty ductwork or ducts that are leaky.  The second issue is duct work is known to get dirty, inside you’ll find things like dust, dirt, mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses.

The good news is that HVAC technologies have advanced over the years. It’s hard to beat a Ductless Mini Split when it comes to home comfort. They offer a modern way to heat and cool your home that does not require ductwork so immediately you address the issue of heat loss and also increase your Indoor Air Quality.

Cold Climate Mini Split Are Amazingly Efficient

Many home owners wonder if a Ductless Heat Pump will work in colder temperatures.  The answer is yes they can!  Major technological advancements have been made by many manufacturers that have introduced products specifically for areas of the country that have colder temperatures. You’ll recognize these units as they are referred to as ‘Cold Climate’ or ‘Extended Temperature’ ductless systems.

Understanding How An Air-Source Heat Pump Works.

First, if you want to get up to speed it’s good to know how an Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) works.  By the way, the Ductless Systems are an ASHP that does not require ductwork.  Air Source Heat Pumps absorb heat from outside air to heat your home. Keep in mind that even on the coldest of days the air still contains some heat, the heat in frigid air can be captured by circulating refrigerant.  

Air source heat pumps need electricity to run, but because they are extracting renewable heat from the environment, the heat output is greater than the electricity input. This makes them an energy efficient method of heating your home.  In short, by capturing and amplifying the heat from outside air to heat spaces in colder climates the need for burning fuel oil is eliminated, reducing your home’s environmental impact.

Ductless Mini Splits use a two-way heat pump to make this happen. Two-way heat pumps are remarkably efficient because they take advantage of heat’s natural tendency to move from warm spaces to cool spaces and can reverse the process while using a minimal amount of electricity. You gain year-round comfort because this unit can both heat and cool.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?


Save Money When You Reduce Energy Consumption. Here are a few facts from the U.S. Energy Information Administration regarding  heating and cooling costs, wasted energy consumption, and just how much you’re paying to keep comfortable in your home. Primary energy consumption in the United States reached a record high in 2018 and is an ongoing concern. Doing your part by choosing energy efficient equipment is important.

Clean Heat Program. Rebates and incentives are available to New York homeowners you move toward high efficient systems. Ductless systems offer some of the highest energy efficiencies available. Find out more from a Clean Heat Contractor.

Is It Time To Go Ductless? 

The Ductless Heat Pump is a true problem solver. Just about everyone can benefit from going ductless. Most contractors offer a free consultation which makes it easy to find out more.   Here are just a few examples of when you should consider ductless:

  • Do you have hot or cold spots in your home? A ductless system is the perfect solution and will rescue areas of your home into usable space again.
  • Are you converting a garage, attic or basement into living space? A mini split system can be installed just about anywhere.  Avoid the mess of extending ductwork to an area of your home. Relieve the workload on your furnace and add a mini split instead.
  • Is your furnace 10 years old or older? It may be time to update to a more modern and efficient system.
  • Are you concerned with Indoor Air Quality? Many people choose ductless to eliminate the problems associated with forced air heating.
  • Would you like to add Air Conditioning to your home? A mini split both heats and cools and is often added to Master Bedrooms or the baby’s room to increase comfort.
  • Looking for Zonal Heating and Cooling? A ductless system is ideal when you want zoned heating for your home. You’ll control the temperature of each zone in your house and save substantially on your utility bills. Zoning is easy when you go ductless, one outdoor unit can control up to 8 indoor heads depending on the manufacturer. Your Ductless HVAC contractor will know all about zoning best practices and how to help you gain more control over your energy bill.
  • Do you have a cabin or lake home? A mini split will make your vacation home even better because you’ll be more comfortable.

Enjoy A Life with More Comfort and More Convenience!

When you go ductless you also get the added benefit of modern features that make home comfort more convenient.  You’ll enjoy the modern features of remote control, sleep mode, room-to-room comfort and the super-quiet operation that increases the comfort in any room.  A ductless system is so quiet you’ll barely notice it’s there.

Choose a Contractor With Credentials.
A Clean Heat Ductless Contractor is the only choice when going ductless. The most important step when considering going ductless is to make sure to hire a certified, trained, and experienced ductless contractor.  A Ductless HVAC Professional will know how to match the right unit to your home… common mistakes are over-sizing and under-sizing equipment which will lead to future problems.  A licensed contractor will also make sure of proper placement: knowing where to place the outdoor unit and indoor heads is essential.  Additionally a certified and trained contractor will ensure a professional installation so you can enjoy years and years of home comfort.

Find out if Ductless is right for you. Contact one of our Featured Contractors, they’ll provide a complimentary consultation and show you how you can save money, save energy and increase your home comfort today!

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