Ductless heat pumps are also called mini split heat pump systems. This type of system provides air conditioning and it can be more efficient than conventional air conditioners. It does not even require ductwork. It consists of an outdoor compressor unit and one or more indoor air-handling units, which are called heads. A refrigerant line links this. The indoor heads are usually mounted high on the wall or ceiling where the refrigerant line passes through to the outside unit, which is usually mounted at the base of the house. The indoor head is usually corresponded with a heating and cooling zone that can be controlled independently.

This type of technology works like a refrigerator but in reverse. Most of the time this type of device is used for cooling purposes but this can also be used for heating purposes. Usually a heat pump works by cooling the air at the outdoor evaporator coil and is distributed throughout the house through ductwork. However, with the mini-split device pumps, the refrigerant is usually produced at the outdoor unit and driven via a small diameter insulated refrigerant. This lines directly to the rooms or parts of the house where the air is blown by fans located in small indoor units.

The advantage of using ductless heat pumps is that they do not rely on ductwork. Even without ductwork, it can still boost energy efficiency. Usually in conventional systems, energy is lost based on ducts that are often estimated at 30%, especially if the ducts are not located in an area where it is not insulated like attics.

Another advantage of this type of device is that it has a high flexibility in interior design options.  You can find different types of designs of this device from floor standing, ceiling suspending to wall hanging models. It also has a small size and high flexibility for zoning or heating and cooling individual rooms. This feature makes it possible for this device to best acclimatize the divisions.

With this type of device there is also a number of indoor air handling options that you can choose from. This can vary depending on specific heating and cooling needs in each home’s rooms using different thermostats. This can save you energy and money. Most of all, installation of ductless heat pumps is very easy. You will not need to drill in large holes in your walls. All you need is a three-inch hole and then it is sufficient.

However, installation, though relatively easy, should be done properly. The size should be correct because if the device is oversized or incorrectly located, then the air handlers can be a cause of a higher operational costs and inadequate temperature and control of humidity.

The cost for this type of device can range from $500 to $1000 per ton. Prices usually depend on configuration and the number of zones covered by each unit. However, when you decide to buy ductless heat pumps, make sure that you buy one that comes with a warranty. Warranties can usually differ depending on the manufacturer. Some will give you a one-year warranty on indoor units and three to six year warranties on compressors.

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